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Morning Sessions:

Welcome Remarks

Senator Harris B. McDowell, III

National Energy Services Coalition Update

Resiliency: What’s Threatening Your Energy and What You Can Do About It?

We take electricity for granted, but when we lose power it is a complete disruption to business. The costs of power loss are high, and in some cases intangible. In this session we will explore how to assess vulnerabilities and develop solutions for resilience, including energy storage, as well as a look at the real cyber risks that are threatening our power grid and the measures that are being taken to combat them.


Pat Coleman, Delaware Regional Manager, New Ecology
Presentation: "Building Resiliency: From Assessment to Implementation"

Norma Byron, President, Ashlawn Energy
Presentation: "Overview of Current and Developing Economics and Impacts of Energy Storage on Solar + Storage Projects"

Steve McElwee, Chief Information Security Officer, PJM Interconnection
Presentation: "Ghosts in the Grid – Combating Cyber Threats Against the Power Grid"

Delaware Policy Update - What’s Happened & What’s Next?

In this session, several contemporary policy topics in Delaware will be discussed with a focus on the passage of the Delaware Commercial PACE Bill (SB113) as well as an update on Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.


Cory Budischack, Energy Management Department Chair at Delaware Technical Community College
Presentation: "Policy Needs to Keep Up in the Shift to Renewable Energy"

Tony DePrima, Ph.D., Executive Director, Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility 
Elyssa Rothe, Director, Policy and Market Development, PACENation
Combined Presentation: "PACE Financing"

Andrea Kreiner, Director, Delaware Division of Climate Coastal & Energy
Presentation: "Delaware's Renewable Portfolio Standard"

Lunch Keynote Address:

"Realizing Better Buildings"

Keynote Speaker Maria VargasMaria Tikoff Vargas
Senior Program Advisor
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
US Department of Energy

As a Senior Program Advisor in the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Maria Vargas works with hundreds of organizations across the country to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient technologies and practices. During her talk, Ms. Vargas will discuss why we care about buildings, what successful leaders are doing now, making it fun, and emerging issues and challenges.

Maria T. Vargas is a Senior Program Advisor at the Department of Energy and the Director of DOE’s Better Buildings Initiative. The goal of this broad program is to work with leaders in the public and private sectors to make American buildings at least 20 percent more efficient in the next decade. Prior to her work at DOE, Ms. Vargas was the Brand Manager for the ENERGY STAR program for almost 20 years while at the US Environmental Protection Agency. She has been involved in policy work on the issues of ozone depletion, global climate change, and related environmental and energy issues since 1985. Ms. Vargas received a Bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA) in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s degree from the University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon).

Afternoon Sessions:

Dramatic Change for the US Offshore Wind Industry in 2018

Willett Kempton, Professor Marine Science & Policy, University of Delaware
Presentation: "Dramatic Change for the US Offshore Wind Industry in 2018"

Offshore wind policies and contracts in the US have been developing rapidly for the past two years, paralleling technology developments in the global industry. In August 2018, the first gigawatt-scale offshore wind development was contracted, resulting in a price lower than that of grid power, a breakthrough that will lead to much more rapid development in the US. This talk explains recent developments and the greatly-changed prospects for offshore wind along the US East Coast.

Building Performance: Reducing Commercial Building Energy Consumption - Concepts & Case Studies

Learn from experiences in the field about how to reduce or minimize potential horror stories and frightening tales. 


David Salamon, Re:Vision Architecture
Presentation: "Net Zero Energy in Small Office Buildings"

Susan Lewis, Delaware Army National Guard
Presentation: "Energy & Sustainability at the Delaware Army National Guard"

Dave Detrick, Chesapeake Utilities
Presentation: "Case Study on Indian River School District ESCO Project"

Networking and Exhibitor Lounge

Several networking breaks will be scheduled throughout the day for attendees to grab a snack, network, and visit with exhibitors.